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 Engine Diagnostics

  AC Service & Repair
   Maintenance & Service

Service & Repair

​      Custom Exhaust


Preventative maintenance can save thousands of dollars and extend the life of your vehicle. 
Our database provides us with manufacturer's suggested service intervals, recalls and warranty information.

Complete Brake Service

* Brake pads & shoes
*Rotors & drums
*Calipers & wheel cylinders
*Brake lines
*Onsite brake rotor & drum machining
& more

Taking the guesswork out of check engine light repair.
Using the most current equipment & diagnostic scanners we can  pinpoint where the problem is originating from.
Early detection can save money by preventing the issue from affecting other components.

CV Axles
Axle Bearings
Wheel Hub Assembly
Power ​Steering Service and Repair

​AC Service & Repair 
*System diagnostic
*Leak detection
Complete system replacement

Custom Exhaust Work​
*Dual exhaust
*Cat back systems
*Exhaust Repair
Custom Pipe Bending