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​Very happy by Mike B. -

They fixed a transmission problem that I have had for years. I can't count how many times that Chevy dealers changed all sorts of parts without fixing the problem. I am very happy with their work
 The Most Excellent, Fair, Expert, Honest Business Owner/AutoShop I've Ever Known by ValueCustomerWonOver -

We visit from No VA often, drive older cars, and now have had 3 cars repaired by Crom's. Being from out of town, not knowing any repair shops, you can imagine the nightmare we faced when we first needed help. But good fortune and tow truck brought us to Crom's.Crom's has always been fair, honest, and reliable. You can talk directly with the owners and work through any problem or concern. I always feel confident things can be worked out. They go out of their way to be fair, and their work is exceptional.Auto diagnostics (much like medical diagnosys) can be complicated and puzzling, with multiple problems, and yes, there is often more trouble than first appearances. They will always look beyond the immediate issue to check for other problems.As for some of the other reviews, just be sure to talk with Crom's about your concerns if not satisfied. For me, I can only say they have always been exceptional and fair, and that I have full faith and trust in Crom's Automotive.
Thomas Hayes reviewed 4 months ago
Quality Excellent
I brought my 2001 Honda Civic in to replace the timing belt. The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. They kept me informed throughout the repair. I have taken my vehicles to multiple repair shops in Jacksonville and this is the best one I have found. I will definitely be back if the need arises.

HeatherLu 04/22/2011 

I've been going here ever since I moved…

I've been going here ever since I moved here. They are a wonderful family owned business. So friendly and honest. Their prices are fair, not totally cheap but they back up their work with a warranty. Even just after my warranty expired they totally hooked me up. I've had some friends say they got a better deal other places and could do it their selves cheaper but that, to me, is asking for a headache. Of course you get your parts cheaper if you buy them yourself. You get food cheaper at food lion than a restaurant and if you cook it yourself right? and is it a surprise the chef don't sell you the food at cost? For the service I have there it's so worth it

  Updated on 12/17/10
  Id have to say that I was very happy with the work they did on my car,I'm usually picky about who even works on my tuner, but id bring it back to them any time. 
I have been to Crom's shop only when I (the DIY type guy) can't do the job or just can't figure it out. This shop has very understanding mech's and they listen when you describe the issues and symtoms that your vehicle is having. I went one time to charge my A/C because it was low and not cold at all. While servicing the truck a mech notice the compressor clutch was't engaging at all. Instead of trying sucker punch me with buying a new one he tinkered with it and got it to engage properly. You want an honest opinion these guys could done what other shops tend to do and emptied my wallet. They were completely honest and I actually got see what he was doing, granted it was an easy job for him. 
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Buy a cheap grill and fire up some burgers and brats and charge for them during those long waits. Might turn some more profit during tune up's. Maybe a swing set for the kids during the long waits. That is just an suggestion not a complaint. I really don't think you could improve to much more. your shop is the bomb.