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Highly Recommended! by USMCMom - 
  I got a call from my son who is 500+ miles from home saying he was having trouble getting his truck to shift gears. Being new to the area, he did not know anyone to take it to. I found Crom's online and gave them a call. My son took the truck in, and they fixed him up without breaking his bank. My son called and told me "they treated me like family". They know what they are doing and are very honest people. 
Excellent Transmission Work by John - 
  Transmission went out on 97 Camaro. Car was picked up from house on Monday. Shop said they could not get to it untill Tuesday morning. Went to shop first thing Tuesday and they had stayed late Monday removing and di-assembling transmission. Mr. Crom walked me thru the process and showed me both good parts as well as bad ones. Agreed upon a price and they went to work. Only delay was waiting for 1 part to arrive. Received car back good as new and a little cheaper than price quoted. Thanks for a job well done to you and your crew. 

Satisfied customer by R. Todd - 
  I had them work on my daughter's vehicle. I thought it needed a fuel pump, but it was some electrical problem. I actually saved money. Thanks again. 

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